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Paraffin Melting Tool (PMT)

The Patent Pending Capital Paraffin Melting Tool (PMT) has new Innovative technology that removes paraffin from the well by bringing the heat to the source of the problem. The PMT heats up greater than 300° F softening and melting the paraffin in the wells tubing opposed to traditional way of scraping and flowing the paraffin out, if the well will flow.


The PMT eliminates the necessity of using a hot oil truck on land. This removes the danger of having an open flame on site as well as pumping unwanted fluids into the well. The PMT gets your hole to gauge instead of just channeling past tougher paraffin. While traditional ways of removing paraffin can take 1-3 days, Capital Paraffin Melting Tool can take just minutes! Which means less downtime.


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