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Capital Oil Tools is a specialty company in thru-tubing fishing and milling tools for coiled tubing. We also specialize in mechanical and electric line jars. Our staff has over fifty years of combined experience and an excellent reputation in manufacturing, research, and development of new innovative tools. We have designed, developed and manufactured small intricate mechanical and hydraulic slimline tools to meet the unique demands of our clients.


With machinist experience, we have the knowledge of using the proper types of metals in friction areas and shock loads for maximum pulling performance. This allows the main components of each tool extended life expectancy, minimizing refurbishing costs. Because of such innovations, we have developed manufacturing and assembly procedures for the purpose of enhancing the repeat performance of our products.

Corporate Headquarters

5413 Highway 311

Houma, La 70360



Paraffin Melting Tool

Sagerider, Inc

12950 South Kirkwood Ste. 160

Stafford, TX 77477